Cannonball into Summer: Swim Essentials For Boys and Girls

With the right gear, swimming and playing in the water becomes even more enjoyable and safe for kids. Whether it's goggles for clear vision, beach toys for endless fun, or swimsuits that offer comfort and style, these essentials will ensure your children have a fantastic time in and around the water this summer. Enjoy the sunshine and happy splashing!


Goggles for Clear Underwater Adventures

Protecting young eyes from chlorine and saltwater while helping them see clearly underwater, these goggles are a hit with kids:  

Mini Swim Goggles Ocean Treasure Rose: 

  • Features: 380 UV-protected lenses, Wide adjustable silicone strap, Two piece goggle with cushioning silicone gasket, Anti-fog, Adjustable nose bridge 
  • Why Kids love it: Designed for small faces, these goggles ensure a leak-free and comfortable experience.


Beach Toys for Summer Fun
Beach trips are so much more fun with the right toys. Here are some top picks that will keep your kids entertained:
1. Sandy Toys
  • Features: Food grade BPA free silicone, 6 piece set
  • Why Kids Love it: This set sparks creativity and imaginative play

2. Water Pals

  • Features: Natural Rubber, Prevent mold buildup, Dishwasher safe
  • Why Kids Love it: Simple, durable, and perfect for younger children

3. Foam Beach Bats Rio Sun Pastel Aqua and Lilac 

  • Features: 4 piece set with carrying case
  • Why Kids Love it: Colorful and sturdy, these toys come in a handy bag, making them easy to carry to the beach.

4. Giant Inflatable Beach Ball Tie Dye Tie Dye

  • Features:  Made from durable, non-toxic Phthalate free PVC
  • Why Kids love it: Fun, Colorful and compact for the beach 


Swimsuits That Combine Style and Comfort

A good swimsuit is about both style and functionality. Here are some great options:

1. The Sea Short - Classic Stripe Sand

  • Features:  Soft, comfortable and flexible 
  • Why Kids Love it:  Modern comfort with a classic length and cut


2. Sun No More Swimsuit

  • Features: Long sleeve top for sun protection
  • Why Kids Love it: Adorable designs and high sun protection make it a favorite.


3. Kids Swim Vest 1-2 Princess Swan Buttercup

  • Features:  Adjustable anti-rise safety strap,  Made from durable neoprene for buoyancy and warmth
  • Why Kids Love it: Perfect for kids who are still learning to swim, providing extra confidence and safety in the water